Travel Bucket List

If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time then you know that I am travel uhb-sessed. I’ve been to the US, all over the Caribbean, Asia (India), Europe and Australia and still think that there is soooo much of the world left to see. Sidenote – you can check out my Destinations page to see the trips I’ve blogged about.

If you look at my Pinterest page you will see a couple travel boards. One of them is dedicated to places I want to visit. Lately, I just want to travel. And even though I am planning some trips for this year these places have just been on my mind.

Travel Bucket List:

Greece – Honestly, Greece is at the tip top of my list! Anywhere in Greece really, but Santorini’s white buildings and blue seas have caught my eye. I want to go there some day!

Amsterdam – I love old European cities and Amsterdam seems to have soon much to do. Its a city that has always intrigued me!

Pretoria South Africa – I had some South African friends from Pretoria while in University and they just painted the best picture of the place. I’m also a history buff (my first degree is in Lit/History double major) and South Africa is rich in history, good and bad.

Paris France – This is self explanatory I feel! Who doesn’t want to go to France?!

Venice Italy – I want to do it all in Venice. Riding a gondola is at the top of the list!

Back to India – I’ve been to India before and blogged about my trip on the blog a while back. The thing is, I don’t think I gave India a fair shot. I didn’t embrace the experience as much as I should have and I want a do over.

New Zealand – Can you believe I flew clear across the earth and went to Australia and did not go to New Zealand? I can’t either. It won’t happen again! I also must see Hobbiton if I ever go there.

Bora Bora – I mean … look at this pic below … Honeymoon goals.

Hawaii – Speaking of honeymoon goals. I don’t know why Ive had an obsession with Hawaii ever since I was a kid. I was a very precocious little one and I used to say that I wanted my honeymoon to be in Hawaii. haha!

There are so many more I can add to this list but these are at the very top.

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