Kérastase Initialiste Scalp & Hair Serum Review

Being a typical beauty lover, after I ran out of my last bottle of hair serum, I decided to look for something better and even more magical than the products I had tried before.

I like the way products can do what I want with less.I’m very cautious when using these products because I’m afraid my hair will look like it’s been dipped in oil.As for the serum, it was very light and fluid, which made it easier to spread my hair without drowning it, which I feared didn’t happen.

My Hair looks very injured from the dye.Kerastase Initialiste Shine & Hair doesn’t work on the surface like most hair care products, but instead seeps into the scalp, helping to create new hair in better condition while strengthening existing strands.Patience is an advantage here, as the serum needs time to work its magic on the scalp and on those new precious hairs.It took me a lot of time, but after a month of using it, I think it paid off.My hair is as smooth as water and looks very shiny.Although still a little impatient, but I don’t think it can be improved in a short time.

In terms of packaging, this bottle is perfect for hair products.But its glass nature may not make it suitable for travel.

When using it, be sure to follow the pipette with your fingers and massage the serum in your roots and scalp as you perform each part of the operation.Once the application is complete on all areas, massage the entire head to evenly distribute the serum and comb through.Leave and continue to blow dry.It is recommended to use it at least 3 times a week.I think a refined person will have the patience to do these things.

I would love to see how and if this serum can further affect my hair and if I see a significant improvement in quality I will let you know!


$53.00 | 60 ml


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