Kérastase Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner Review

I am curious about all Kerastase products, and like to try and discover new ones that are useful to me. Today I am sharing with you Kérastase Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner.

As a beauty lover, I like to enrich my makeup with changeable hairstyles. This will cause my hair to be damaged very badly, and it grows extremely slowly. But fortunately, I found Kérastase Fondant Extentioniste Conditioner.

I like this product. It is easy to use and contains Creatine R™ technology, which uses maleic acid to penetrate deep into the hair to strengthen the hair fibers and seal the hair cuticle from root to tip. Creatine helps strengthen the structure of hair fibers; and ceramide can make hair smooth and soft, and help the hair surface to restore health.

It smells very good and is easy to rinse without leaving a sticky feeling. It comes with a green shiny bottle that stands upright on the lid to reduce waste.

It makes my hair super silky and shiny. The styling is simple and can reduce frizz. After using it for a period of time, I found that my hair became very strong, grew quickly, and looked very nutritious.

It is an excellent anti-tangling agent and helps prevent more injuries. I like it, so I recommend you to try it too!


  • $24.00/75mL
  • $42.00/200mL


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