Kérastase Densifique Bodifying Shampoo Review

Kerastase is a well-known brand and for me this has been my use for some time.Shampoo, conditioner, facial mask and clear night, they basically have it all, but this is their newest addition.

There are many reasons to worry about hair loss, one is stress, the other is age.Or it could have something to do with shampoo, or you expect it to improve the quality of your hair.

It includes stemoxydine, which optimizes hair circulation and volume, Clulco — restoring hair volume with Peptide, and hyaluronic acid C, which holds 1,000 times the weight of water, restoring and enhancing shine.

It gives me a sense of volume and bounce.I naturally have thick hair, but over the years of dye and heat styling, my hair has become thinner, which means less volume and more blackheads.

I noticed the effect of the product from the first time I washed it, and I felt like I was actually holding more hair.

It foams well and smells good.The scent can linger on the scalp for a long time.Although the price is a little expensive.But then I tried lots of shampoos and didn’t do anything, and I was willing to pay my hard-earned money for it.


$35.00| 250 ml


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