Kérastase Bain Satin 2 Shampoo Review

I heard wonderful things about this series from many designers and hairdressers, and I decided to try it! Bain Satin 2 Shampoo from Kérastase.

Its main ingredient is iris rhizome extract, which can protect our hair from oxidation to strengthen nutrition. And saccharin can fundamentally provide real energy promotion for the nutrition of hair. Another component, blood lipids, can make our hair shiny.

It is perfect for thick, dry, curly hair. Its foaming effect is very good. You don’t need too much product for the whole head, even if you have thick hair. When foaming, you will indeed feel it has entered and become clean and tidy.

The smell is just the smell of ordinary perfuming products, which will not make people feel unpleasant. Of course, this is not suitable for people who are sensitive to perfume.

The only thing that is not so good is its packaging. Although it looks very cool, it is not convenient to use because it needs to unscrew the lid. How to squeeze out the product? This sounds complicated.

But fortunately, the effect it brings is amazing! It makes my hair very smooth and shiny, and also solves the problem of greasy and dry roots of my hair.

I think you can still try it within your budget!


  • $17.00/80mL
  • $31.00/250mL
  • $52.00/500mL


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