Kérastase 8H Magic Night Hair Serum Review

I’m so impressed and excited about this product!First impressions are amazing, after at least 5 uses, I still like it.It smells so sweet and makes my hair so soft!

This card poem nourishes 8HR magic night essence is the brand’s latest product.This leave-in essence restores hair overnight, leaving it soft and nourishing in the morning.This product works when I’m off without any other work.And that was good news for me.For hair maintenance, Nutritive 8HR Night Serum takes advantage of a full Night’s sleep to completely replace the water and nutrients stripped from the head hair through deep penetration of hair fibers, providing overnight protection by moisturizing and preventing friction from the pillow, which may coarsen the skin.

Like a rich night cream, this serum is a potent combination of B vitamin complex and iris root extract, which can bring abundant nutrients to a severe nutritional situation overnight, completely restoring dry and fragile locks.It has a light, creamy texture and can do a lot of good.It can be applied to dry or wet hair.

The serum also has an evolving aroma that changes from relaxing floral at night to fresh in the morning.I love that!For me, skin care and hair care are such sensory experiences.I didn’t find the aroma sufficient to solve the problem, but those who are smell sensitive should probably try sampling first.

This card Poem Nourishes 8HR Magic Night Essence comes in a luxurious, heavy glass bottle featuring a beautiful Ombre effect and is dispensed with a pump.I will squeeze 2-4 pumps of Kerastase Nutrition 8H Magic Night Repair Essence on my hands before going to bed, apply to dry or wet hair and massage until the ends.I don’t need to wash it in the morning.

I highly recommend it!


$56.00 | 90 ml


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